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Shindengen Electric Mfg.Co.Ltd

Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in August 16,1949.The headquarter is located in Tokyo, Japan. They are engaging in manufacturing and sales the semiconductor ,electric equipment and power supply products. There are sales branches in Seoul, Bangkok, Waukegan, Hongkong, Taipei, Shanghai, Hatfield, Dusseldorf, Singapore, Osaka, Nagoya, Utsunomiya. Shindengen focus much attention on Semiconductor, Power system and Car electronics.Their product line clovers general rectifying diodes, bridge diodes, schottky barrier diodes, fast recovery diodes, power MOSFETs, SIDACs, Surge absorbers, power zeners, power ICs, DC/DC converter, AC/DC converter, DC/AC inverter, system peripherals, DC/DC converter for HV, converter for LED lighting, REG/RECT, Diode assembly, DC CDI, Idle reduction energy control unit, winker relay, transistor-maqnet, sine wave inverter, cycloconverter, Gas coqeneration system energy control unit. They received ISO9001, ISO14001 and QS9000 Certifications. The mission of Shindengen is makes contributing to people and society with the energy conversion efficiency. Shindengen Will Give priority to the Vendors and Suppliers who Satisfy the Green Procurement Standards to Promote Manufacturing Environmental-Friendly Products.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)