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SEC America, LLC

SEC America, LLC

SEC America, LLC is a design and engineering company specializing in power conversion solutions for the supply of electricity. With a track record of more than 30 years, SEC products are recognized in numerous industrial and consumer specialty markets and installations.

SEC America houses engineering facilities capable of rapid prototype development followed by field test monitoring. Custom design and private labeling services are also available.

SEC America, LLC offers Rack Mountable DC Power Supplies, OEM Power Supplies, and Communication Series Desktop Power Supplies. They are compact and lightweight, with switch mode technology design. All models are designed for 12V battery subsitution for equipment in communications and industrial applications. SEC BRM Series rack mountable DC Power Supplies provide 13 Volts DC with maximum currents from 40A up to 100A.

SEC America’s DC-DC Converters are designed particularly for dependable operation in harsh environments. They are DC-DC converters for medium to high power applications. SEC America, LLC provides DC-DC Converters that are internally encapsulated for resistance to vibration and shock. Voltage step up DC-DC converters and step down DC-DC converters are available in a wide variety of voltages in the power range of 100W to 2000W.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)