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Protek Devices

ProTek Devices was established in 25 years ago. ProTek is headquartered in based in Tempe, Arizona USA. With steady innovation, the company has developed a broad and diversified product line ranging from board-level, surface mount arrays; to after-market megawatt module systems. ProTek offers application specific protection solutions for any type of electronic equipment or system. ProTek is a manufacturer of Transient Voltage Suppression products designed specifically for the protection of electronic systems from the destructive effects of lightning, electrostatic discharge, nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NEMP), EMI/RFI and inductive switching. ProTek's highly qualified and accredited staff includes some of the industry's best engineering talent. Many ofengineers are active members of IEEE, NEMA, JC-13, JC-22 and IEC and other industry associations, and have contributed significantly to the formation of current standards, specifications and electrical codes for surge suppression methodology. ProTek Devices' major customers are in the telecommunications, consumer electronics, computing, industrial, medical and aerospace/military markets, and its products are sold worldwide both to OEM and Electronic Distributors. In addition, ProTek's ongoing development program is yielding new products designs which meet and exceed today's most demanding requirements. What’ more, ProTek Analog, a division of ProTek Devices, was formed in 2004. Offering analog and mixed signal semiconductors. ProTek Analog designs products that are hierarchical and reliable, which are used as the building blocks for many system level applications. From tailored audio and backlighting solutions for Smart Phones to high-voltage audio controls for automotive and industrial-grade operations, ProTek Analog offers innovative solutions for the 21st century. Learn more about the Analog Products Division!

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