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PEAK Plastic & Metal Products LTD.

Pick Electronics Co., Ltd.

The high quality of their products is one of the important foundations for the company's long-term development. Peak Electronics has been successful in the market for many years and continues to further develop its product line. We passed the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification. In addition to their large standard product line, we specialize in custom design, and Peak Electronics develops many products according to the company's specific requirements.

History of PEAK electronics 


Peak Electronics was established in Bodenheim, Germany. The standard range is 0.25W to 2W DC/DC converters, which are packaged in SIP and DIP.


Change of name to the PEAKelectronics GmbH

First attendance as exhibitor in Europe’s largest electronics trade fair “Electronica” in Munich.


Signing of their first distribution agreement with Russia


Successful certification “development, production and distribution” of DC/DC converters according to ISO2001 by TüV Rheinland

First overseas sales partner in the USA

Expansion of the DC/DC converter power up to 6W


Official training company for “wholesale and retail clerk/merchant”Moving to Nackenheim into their current functional company building.Expansion of the distribution network in Europe


Introduction of the extended range of DC/DC converters to 75watts.


“Made in Germany”

DC/DC converter in DIN-RAIL housing –

Finishing their converters by renowned German manufacturing and development partners.


New overseas partner in Asia (Singapore)

Launched their new AC/DC modules from 1.65 to 25W

Launched their new range of LED drivers


Complementing their existing range we launched their new range of switching regulators from 500mA to 2A


MelanieRech-Stadtmueller takes over the management of the company.

Launching of their new AC/DC modules in the power range from 15 to 240W in DIN RAIL housing

PEAK electronics Products

1.AC/DC Converter

2.DC/DC Converter
3.Switching regulators
5.LED driver

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)