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Orister Corporation

Orister was founded in July, 2006. Its headquarters are in Taipei, Taiwan. The branch offices of Orister were located in Shanghai and Shenzhe, China. Its technology centers are in Taipei and Xian. The number of its employees is only 45. Orister creates analog-intensive solutions that differentiate customers’ power management products by providing greater energy efficiency, precision and portability in electronic systems. With advanced packaging, proprietary technologies and experience in both the design and manufacturing of power semiconductors, Orister’s products provide the electronics industry with innovative ways to conserve energy. Orister’s high performance semiconductors optimize energy in applications such as power supplies, mobile, lighting, motor, computing, consumer and automotive applications. Orister 's principal product categories include AC-DC (off-line) green power application, DC-DC switching converters, voltage regulators and voltage references. The conservation of energy and the development of energy-efficient products is a critical challenge facing the world today. Energy-efficient solutions from Orister play a pivotal role in answering these design issues. Orister’s technologies address issues facing system designers in markets such as mobile handsets, communications and industrial applications. Energy conservation is important all over the world and Orister’s rich portfolio of energy-efficient integrated circuits, reference designs and design kits help designers create electronic systems that consume less power.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)