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Numonyx B.V

Numonyx (constant) in April 2008 was officially established in Holland, registration, headquartered in Switzerland, the main operating will Numonyx early for non-volatile memory system service and provide integrated r&d and manufacture products, in order to DSC, MP3 / PMP, mobile phones, computers and other various terminal product innovation. Numonyx operation business division NORFlash) from Intel (Intel and stmicroelectronics (ST) NANDFlash part in 2007, the company has two big business department of total about $3.6 billion. Currently hold the equity of pt 48.1% beating ST Intel, while holding 45.1% FranciscoPartners invest $150 million, 6.3 per cent of the equity.Now Numonyx main business projects can be divided into two major blocks, the first part for system design services range, automotive, consumer electronics products, industrial, computer and peripheral equipment, memory card processing and wireless communication technology solutions. The second part is for storage technology related technologies and products manufacturing, content includes TTL NAND and PCM, memory, MCP, software development and application. Micron is one of the world's leading semiconductor companies. By Numonyx acquisition added Micron innovative products, and strengthen the breadth of combination of their ability to meet your demand for memory. They not only have to meguiar and constant movement and the embedded joint service tomarket, and also to the market of product output. In fact, their products to further expanded memory meguiar solution. From the TTL NAND and DRAM to memory, and PCM and software support system for storage solutions, they will support the unprecedented.

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Integrated Circuits (ICs)