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Piezo Technology, Inc. was founded on September 30, 2004, which is now doing business under the name MtronPTI. In 1965, MtronPTI began as a manufacturer of quartz crystals to the commercial and two-way radio. MtronPTI has over 150,000 square feet dedicated to manufacturing with its three manufacturing facilities. In 1993 M-tron Industries became the first US based manufacturer of crystals and oscillators to receive the ISO-9001 certification. MtronPTI still continue the development of being a customer focused company as well as maintaining internal engineering strengths; Champion Technologies was purchased in 2002. MtronPTI has over 40 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and marketing crystal based frequency control products. The products include computers and telephone network switches, high-speed gigabit ethernets, modems, wireless transmitters/receivers, multiplexers, data recovery/regeneration devices, fiber channel networks, repeaters, data receivers, line interface devices, and base station controllers. These devices are then incorporated into end products that serve all elements of the communications industry. At MtronPTI, customers rely on the skills of engineering and design teams to help solve frequency control problems during all phases of their products' life cycles. The application engineers work with design engineers to provide technical expertise in selecting or developing the proper application. This collective synergy reduces the customer's design cycle time and gets a program to production on time and on budget. MtronPTI's objective is becoming the supplier of choice for frequency control products used in the communications industry. Over time, MtronPTI has been able to develop extremely flexible support programs to help achieve this objective. These support programs have been developed through partnerships with Strategic Customers and some examples of these programs include EDI, demand-pull, MRP, forecasting, and inventory replenishment.

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Integrated Circuits (ICs)