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MTI-Milliren Technologies, Inc.

Company Mission
"MTI's mission is to redefine the marketplace for frequency control products with innovative designs, leading manufacturing technology and providing world class customer service. We believe partnering with their customers, suppliers and employees will lead to a product of the highest reliability and quality."
MTI demands perfection within its own organization. Each product is precisely defined to your exact design parameters. Every device is guaranteed to be a high quality, precise and stable frequency control product that will allow you to elevate your system to the next level of performance.
With applications ranging from portable battery powered cellular systems to satellite navigation and global telecommunication networks, MTI products have been accepted in thousands of programs around the world. We are committed to on-going research and development programs that focus both on product innovation and enhanced manufacturing processes.
The "MTI Difference" is evolving into their uniquely personal business paradigm. It is MTI's mission to deliver trouble-free, risk-free products to their customers, born from a business relationship that operates professionally in an atmosphere of team-based problem solving.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)