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M.S. Kennedy Corporation

Founded in 1971, M.S. Kennedy Corporation (MSK) is a leading company engaging in the design and production of high performance/reliability analog microelectronics. The company is headquartered in Liverpool, USA. MSK became one of the earliest MIL-STD-1772 certified companies in 1988. In addition, the company has became one of the first hybrid manufacturers which received ISO 9001 certification from the Defense Electronic Supply Center in 1994. MSK become certified to AS9100 certification from Eagle Registrations in 2006. MSK has a broad line of products for military and aerospace systems. The company mainly offers hybrids to DSCC (Defense Supply Center, Columbus) Standard Military Drawings (SMD). Besides, the company manufactures operational and video amplifiers, motor drives, power modules, linear and switching voltage regulators and DC/DC converters, custom analog/mixed signal hybrids, power hybrids and multi-chip modules.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)