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Micron Semiconductor Products Inc.

Micron Semiconductor Products Inc.
Micron is one of the world's leading semiconductor companies. Micron ranked as one of the top semiconductor innovators in quantity and strength of patents by The Patent Board. Micron often accomplishes this optimization through partnerships with other manufacturers and enablers, making it easier for customers to try new things and gain competitive advantages in their markets. Its DRAM, NAND, and NOR Flash memory are used in everything from computing, networking, and server applications, to mobile, embedded, consumer, automotive, and industrial designs.
The products of Micron are built on decades of design and manufacturing expertise. And because Micron manufactures the products from start to finish, it is better able to monitor and control the final quality of its products than most other competitors. A big part of that quality control is its rigorous testing procedures. Micron developed its test ovens and processes to ensure reliable results. And they work closely with test equipment vendors to refine and tune the equipment they use. In 2009 January, JEDEC honored two ofengineers—Todd Farrell and George Pax—with Technical Recognition Awards. The award is JEDEC’s most significant award and recognizes outstanding contributions to technology standardization efforts.
The Micron Foundation's mission is to develop effective programs that promote math, science, and engineering education; and to participate in activities that address the priorities and concerns of the communities where Micron employees live and work. Outreach, grants, innovation, and collaboration are key elements in reachinggoals. It's a foundational philosophy that’s internalized among employees at all levels, ensuring thatsemiconductor design, manufacturing, and support rank among the best in the industry.

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