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Demonstrating core competence for more than 65 years and a proven reliable partner in the magnetics industry, Micrometals Inc. is an engineering driven company striving to exceed our customers’ requirements for catalog or custom magnetic components.  Micrometals is a privately held corporation which is headquartered in Anaheim, California.  In addition to the U.S. factory, Micrometals has 2 factories in China.  Micrometals offers application engineering and technical support from North America and Chinaas well as stocking warehouses located in Germany and Hong Kong.
Micrometals materials are organized into 3 product groups: Radio Frequency, Power Conversion and 200C Series?.  Micrometals Alloy Powder Cores, formerly Arnold Powder Core Division of Arnold Magnetic Technology, are organized into 6 material groups: Sendust, Molypermalloy, FluxSan?, Hi-Flux?, Optilloy? and the recently introduced SH High Frequency Sendust.
This new SH Material has high frequency losses that are one third that of traditional Sendust material. The lower loss of High Frequency Sendust will enable it to be used with switching frequencies up to about 5 MHz. This new material was developed to meet the demands of the Power Conversion Industry’s move to the latest in GaN and SiC switching technologies.
Power Conversion Engineers are pushing switching frequencies higher in an effort to reduce cost, minimize size and increase device efficiency.  As a result magnetic component design engineers are challenged to find materials that can operate at 1 - 20 MHz or higher.  The SH Sendust material or traditional carbonyl iron powder materials can be considered as an alternate option for MnZn ferrites which may have increased core loss and the gap losses at this higher frequency or NiZn ferrites for high cost and high hysteresis loss. Sample core kits of both SH Sendust or high frequency iron powder materials are available by contacting the Micrometals sales department or local representative.

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Integrated Circuits (ICs)