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Meder Electronic

Meder Electronic was established in 1987,which headquarters is located at the foot of the Hohentwiel Singen town, including management, r&d, manufacturing and logistics, with annual production Grossbreitenbach located, Thuringia millions reed products factory, they grow as world reed industry is one of the important manufacturer. MEDER in Switzerland, the Czech republic, Italy, France, Britain, the United States, China, and other branches all over the world has established complete sales agent and distribution. Their small size of the reed pipe, reed switch, relay, according to the work principle of magnetic reed, accurate operation. Although structure looks simple, but they are amazing precision industry products. The only few companies also has the ability to manufacture, and the company is MEDER Germany - - one of. Germany MEDER electronic Products for the innovation of product usually. MEDER for signal switching, sensor and measurement on many innovative counting reed products. Their complete product series, about 30% of the model, the other is the standard is a 70% for customer's requirements and application of special specifications. Just in the reed pipe,they in the reed switch, magnetic reed relays on the products, to provide customers the best MEDER quality. Their global and most important reed pipe factory, Japanese OKI close cooperation. The reed pipe OKI added their product innovation and integrity.

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Integrated Circuits (ICs)