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Micon Design Technology Corporation

Micon Design Technology Co. Ltd. is a professional MCU designing and manufacturing company. Micon was established in June 1996 in Taiwan. All of the team members of the company have excellent qualification and work experience in IC designing and manufacturing field, either in the area of design engineering, market planning, administration or outsourcing management. They formed this company dedicated in designing and manufacturing of MCU and to provide customers with high quality, high added-value MCU products, even the more advanced products, because of their common rational concepts and striving objectives, With the rapid changes in product market requirement and the diversity of product application, in order to maintain the advantage of products and to enhance competitive strengths, one of the objectives of Micon’s operation is to provide customers satisfactory service, such as engineering technology supporting, just-in-time goods supplying and administrative efficiency enhancing and so on. On the other hand, the short product life cycle is one of major characteristics of high-technology products. Any innovative activity, which can enhance the competitive strength, will be looked asprimary objective to strive for. Not only the cost reduction and assurance of quality, but active innovation is the dynamics of advancement. Beside innovation, Micon is also dedicated in the protection and respect of intellectual property. Quality is the guarantee of reputation of a company. It is an important topic to provide an acceptable product quality to customer. Therefore, Micon ensure the quality should meet the requirement of the customers, either in designing, product outsourcing, or service providing. The quality concept that a company emphasizes is completeness and entirety. Only by this, the customer can actually feel where the quality of Micon is.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)