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Micro Analog Systems OY

Micro Analog Systems Oy (MAS) founded in 1980, it’s headquarters in Espoo, Finland. It also operates a second design office in Tallinn, Estonia and has in-house wafer level testing and final testing facility. MAS is a privately owned semiconductor company, designs and markets low voltage, low power, and low noise analog and mixed signal ICs. MAS provides to customers proprietary IC solutions for watches and clocks, crystal oscillators and portable sensor interfaces based onIntellectual Property in analog signal processing. MAS is leading supplier of radio receiver clock ICs for DCF77 and other major systems. It’s watch and clock products also include small stepper motor and LED drivers as well as solar cell managers for watches and clocks. What’ more, MAS develops and supplies both custom and application specific circuits for crystal oscillators like VCXOs. MAS crystal oscillator ICs have excellent phase noise and meet the stringest requirements of various applications. MAS's digital volume control IC designed for high end audio market has the best in class performance. Quality is exceeding customer's needs and expectations. The quality of products and services results from the quality of every individual process and action on all levels. Micro Analog Systems is committed to producing high quality products and services to ensure customers' success when usingproducts. Solving customers' problems come first inpriority list. Application knowhow is a necessity in striving towards superior quality. Clear strategy enables clear customer focus.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)