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Lite-On Technology Corporation

Lite-On Technology Corporation

Lite-On Opto was founded on June 2nd, 1975. As one of the worldwide major suppliers of opto devices supplies, Lite-On Opto is forging ahead with new product development. The first LED Lamp made by Taiwanese. The products of Lite-On Opto include clock display, numeric display, and LED Lamp. During 1975-1982, Lite-On Opto’s marketing oriented stretch sales network to US, AP and Europe. Then in 1982, the first electronic company went IPOV in Taiwan. During 1989-1994, Lite-On Opto set up factory in Thailand and Sub cons in China and 1995-2001 set up Tianjin Factory to Expand Capacity. Later in 2003, Acquire Assets & Equipments of Fairchild OPTP Wuxi and Kuala Lumpur Factories. In 2004, cross licensed white LED IP with Osram, Toyota Gosei and Cree enlarge product portfolio with color LED, and launched white side-view PLCC LED. Nowadays, Lite-On Opto is one of the world's leading producers of optoelectronics. It has sustained stable growth since it was founded in Taiwan in 1975. Lite-On Technology is the longest running and largest-scale opto-electronic components supplier in Taiwan; based on the strong R&D resources, Lite-On has been able to cover extensive opto-electronic product lines including White LEDs, SMD LEDs, Lamp LEDs, LED Displays, Photo Couplers, and Infrared Components. The key to its success is to monitor the market trends closely and develop products ahead ofcompetition. Now Lite-On Opto is developing visible opto products such as ultra-bright LEDs for outdoor applications, full color displays, and a variety of surface mount LED devices. Lite-On Technology not only has been able to provide customers with high-quality opto-electronic components solutions, but also has been constantly pursuing for high-performance and low-pollutant light sources as the major goal. Opto-electronic components products from Lite-On have been highly acclaimed and used by leading brands of information products, consumer electronics, and communication equipments. Lite-On opto-electronic components products are widely used for applications ranging from indicators and displays of household electronic appliances.

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