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Kycon, Inc.

Kycon, Inc.

Kycon is a leading global supplier dedicated to providing cost effective interconnnect solutions of the highest quality. Kycon's first products were D-Sub connectors for the PC, peripheral, industrial control, and test equipment. Over the years, Kycon has been expanding upon other I/O connectors that have enhanced innovative applications while adding to the D-Sub product mix. Such expansions have included modular jacks, USBs, HDMI?, DC Power Jacks, custom cable capabilities, as well as other customized solutions.

Kycon's commitment to excellence in products and customer satisfaction is realized by recently being named the #1 connector company in the Bishop and Associates "2009 Customer Survey of the Electronic Connector Industry." Kycon is committed to maintaining a clear focus on quality, world-class service, and support.

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집적 회로 (IC)