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With progressive memory technology at the core, Kioxia offers products, services and systems that create choice and define the future. We help people keep, read, and share large amounts of data quickly and easily in today’s complex digital world. Our mission is to create uplifting experiences and change the world, by changing how people interact with memory.

Kioxia is positioned to both grow as a leading flash memory producer and inspire a new era where people experience memory differently. As society creates increasing amounts of active data through new technologies such as 5G, IoT and cloud computing, more memory and storage is needed than ever before.

Backed by its heritage as industry pioneer and global leader in flash memory and solid-state drives, Kioxia helps the world meet new demands for high-performing, large-capacity storage and data processing. Kixoia Corporation has driven the technological evolution of flash memory from its invention of NAND flash memory in 1987 through its introduction of the latest 3D flash memory, BiCS FLASHTM.

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