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IXYS Corporation

Founded in 1983, IXYS Corporation (Nasdaq: IXYS) is a professional company engaging in power semiconductors, integrated circuits (IC) and RF power. IXYS has established four manufacturing facilities in Lampertheim, Germany, Chippenham, England, Beverly, MA and Fremont, CA respectively for different product lines. The factory in Lampertheim, Germany is for medium power wafer fab and automated power module, the Chippenham is for high power thyristor, the Beverly is for CMOS device and the Fremont is for GaAs FET, low noise amplifier and module. In addition, the company has established cooperation relationship with world-class foundries, including Samsung in Korea and other Asian-Pacific companies. IXYS has a broad line of products which include power devices, ICs & ASICs, RF power & systems, pulsed power systems, laser diode drivers, solar devices, microcontrollers and efficiency controllers. The company is dedicated to developing power semiconductors that effectively monitor electrical voltage to produce maximum effect with least expenditure of energy. Through years of development, IXYS has become a pioneer in the alternative and renewable energy industry. Besides, the company is striving to provide power semiconductors for equipment used in harnessing wind and solar power for conversion to the U.S. electrical power grid. What's more, the company has developed solar cells for charging portable batteries in various applications. IXYS has ranked among largest corporations in the San Francisco Chronicle's "Chron 200".

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