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Inchange Semiconductor Company Limited

The ISC (Inchange Semiconductor Company) Limited being supplying power transistors from 1991, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of power transistors in China. ISC has established long-term, ongoing relationships with more than 600 major customers in over 30 countries. It has ISO9001:2000 certification and SGS Lead Free certification and it intends to be a world-class major supplier of power semiconductors. ISC produces obsolete part numbers and hard-to-find part numbers and military grade transistors. It also provides hot product items including TV receiver power transistors, ultrasonic power transistors, audio power transistors, humidifier power transistors, dynamo power transistors and power supplier transistors. ISC's power transistors are used in TV, audio, humidifier, power supplier, automotive electronics, switching, lamps, electronic ballasts, igniter, tuner, STB, public broadcasting system, radio, wireless remote control, cordless phones, wireless microphones, broadband amplifier and so on.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)