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Isahaya Electronics Corporation

In March 1973, Isahaya Electronics Industry Co. established in Kaizu, Isahaya City. It commenced production of SS-Transistors in August and six years later it commenced IC chip visual inspection and production of Hybrid IC. In 2006, its Overseas Sales Office was set to work: Isahaya Electronics sales Asia limited Taiwan representative office and in 2009 the HongKong distribution center was put into use. The primary businesses of this company are semiconductor development, design,production and sales. There are 230 Employees and two main divisions. Isahaya Electronics Corporation created the system power supplies and module products used as the core of a wide variety of electronic equipment within the power semiconductor field, through the general development of a variety of technologies of whichIDCcan be justly proud, especially circuit and assembly technology. Usage is expanding into industrial instruments such as production machinery, automation lines, various power supplies, and household electrical appliances just like air conditioners, refrigerators and also into the fields of high power or high reliability applications. In order to meet diverse needs, Isahaya Electronics Corporation is actively developing low resistance transistors, high frequency transistors, J-FETs and multi-function transistors. It has a range of 5 pin and 6 pin package lineups, to assist high density, high added value assembly. Furthermore, its industry leading multi-row assembly lines have been introduced into all ofproduction facilities, allowing to offer high productivity, high reliability and fast delivery forproducts.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)