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Hamlin Electronics is a leading manufacturer in sensor technology. The company was founded in Illinois, USA in 1949. The company has established global distribution network in Canada & Greenland, North America, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Australasia, etc to provide comprehensive serivce for the customer all over the world. Through years of development, the company has been appointed as the source supplier of some famous manufactures such as Delphi, Mercedes Benz, Siemens, Bosch, Temic, Autoliv and Visteon. Hamlin Electronics is engaging in providing standard products and sensing solutions. The standard products can be summarized into sensors, reed switches and reed relays. The sensors are manufactured with reed, digital and analog Hall effect technologies and designed to sense proximity, liquid level, liquid flow, speed, seat occupancy, rotational position and acceleration. The reed relays are produced using largely automated manufacturing processes and Reed Switch technology which are suitable for security, telecommunications, automated test equipment, instrumentation and process control applications. Furthermore, all Hamlin manufacturing facilities have obtained TS16949, ISO9001 qualifications. Hamlin Electronics is also specialized in the design and manufacure of a custom solution that precisely meets the their needs. Hamlin's sensing solutions meet the demanding needs of a wide range of manufacturers dedicated to improving and enhancing product performance or production processes. The typical sensor applications include automotive applications, consumer goods and industrial applications.

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