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GTM was established in 1951 as Taiwan General Textile Manufacturing Co. Ltd. The company name was changed to GTM corporation in 1985 during which a series of merger happended to integrate the operations of spining, weaving, dyeing and finishing. The company established electronic divisions in 2000 which are located in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan and Shanghai, China. The Xinzhu factory and Shanghai factory have been certified by the quality assurance for management ISO 9001:2000 and quality management for environment ISO 14001:2004. The electronic divisions are engaging in semiconductor assembly and testing. There are many discrete surface mount package forms available such as SOD-232, SOT-143, SOP-8, TSOP-6, TO-252, PDIP-16, etc. Besides, it has a broad line of products which can be summarized as the following catalogs: small signal transistors, power transistors, diodes, SCR/TRIAC, MOSFET, PWM/LDO regulator 7 hall effect IC, battery protective IC, photo link IC, RF discrete IC and EEPROM. The company is dedicated to developing more and more high quality electronic products to meet the increasing demand of the customers.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)