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GSI Technology

Founded in March, 1995, GSI Technology is a professional company engaging in providing leadership telecom and networking solutions. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California (Silicon Valley). The company adopts advanced 0.25, 0,15, and 0.13 micron CMOS process technologies along with 12-inch wafer manufacturing to provide innovative SRAM architectural design. GSI Technology is dedicated to providing low power, full featured, high performance SRAM technology. The company has developed several families of synchronous SRAMs, including No Bus Turnaround (NBT) and Synchronous Burst SRAMs. GSI Technology also provides a full suite of SigmaRAM, SigmaQuad, SigmaQuad-II, SigmaCIO DDR-II, and SigmaSIO DDR-II SRAMs. Furthermore, GSI's SigmaQuad-II, SigmaCIO DDR-II, and SigmaSIO DDR-II SRAMs are fully compatible with all DDR and Separate I/O SRAMs offered by its competitors. The company has been ISO9001 certified. The company is committed to integrating power, speed, density, quality, reliability, delivery, and component cost into the product.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)