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H. Kuhnke Ltd are agents for the supply of Goodsky Relays in the United Kingdom and Ireland. they supply all the PCB relays shown in these pages, and they also stock a complete range of Goodsky relays and sockets for panel builders. At Kuhnke they have been manufacturing, supplying & supporting an extensive range of relays for major industries for many years under their own brand. their expertise includes panel builder relays, contactors, old style industrial relays, monitoring and process relays, devices for ship navigation, marine controls, railway and automotive.

Goodsky RP RealyThe trend for manufacturers to move to China has been driven by ever competitive pricing. they are pleased to now offer GOODSKY relays to their customers looking for quality (CE, UL & CSA approved) products at world beating prices. The GOODSKY range of pcb relays is one of the most extensive available, and with over 15 years of experience, can satisfy most customer requirements worldwide.

Panel Builder Relays

To help their panel & system builder customers they have separated all the most popular GOODSKY relays into one product group. This includes 8 and 11 pin "traditional" round pin relays for heavier 10A switching, and most importantly 5A 14 pin relays which have become the industry standard. Goodsky 14 pin RE relays will safely switch down to 10mA. The range is completed by the low profile 1 pole and 2 pole pcb type relays which fit into conventional relay sockets for panel builders. This range (EMI & EZ) can switch up to 16A, and proves to be a popular low cost alternative to the older 1 pole and 2 pole clear case designs.

Sockets & Modules

The GOODSKY relay range comes complete with a range of sockets in black. These include safe separation connection designs, and plug in modules with LEDS and protection diodes / varistors. This latest GOODSKY socket range is compatible with the world's leading brands.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)