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GC Electronics, Inc.

GC Electronics, Inc.

GC Electronics has been serving the Electrical and Electronics Distribution Industry for over 75 years. Founded during 1930 in Rockford, IL by Stanley B. Valiulis and Richard Ellis, as the “General Cement Manufacturing Company” producing a General Purpose Service Cement, Part Number 30-2 in Stanley’s garage. The 30-2 was used in the repair of Phonograph and Radio Cabinets and to repair torn Speaker Cones. The “General Cement Manufacturing Company” then started producing custom cements, lubricants and cleaners to support the budding Electrical and Electronics industries. AM Radio and Tube technology was at the cutting edge, the Big Bands were on the rise with the first 78 RPM electric phonographic recordings. TV was no where in sight.

Now it’s a new Millennium and in this new Era, DVD has replaced VHS. Digital Cameras have replaced film. MP3s are replacing CD’s and more people have Cell Phones than Land Lines.
Computers no longer have Floppy Drives or big serial and parallel printer cables.
Fiber Optics is making inroads in the home as Smart Homes and Home Theaters take hold.
GC Electronics continues to add to its product lines with DVI, HDMI, USB and IEEE-1394 “FireWire?” cables, Home Theater products, Surge Protectors, Raceway products and more.
GC Electronics continues to bring new products to its Electrical and Electronic Distributors.

For over 75 years, GC Electronics has grown and changed with the times, Migrating its way from Tubes to Transistors to Integrated Circuits to the Microprocessor era. From Early Telephone and Radio to the Internet, GC Electronics has been serving the needs of the Electrical and Electronic Distributors for almost 4 generations and with continued support from the Electrical and Electronic Distributors, GC Electronics will continue to serve future generations to come. To this day, the 1st item ever sold by General Cement, the 30-2 now known as the 10-302, is still a valued GC Electronics part number.

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Integrated Circuits (ICs)