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Eurotech provides: embedded boards & systems for lasting, reliable and rugged solutions; M2M-IoT integration platform -IPAAS- for the smart era

Eurotech Mission and Vision
With more than twenty-five years as innovator and pioneer in embedded products and software, Eurotech is globally recognized as a leader in providing end-to-end, simple and ready to use solutions. Eurotech brings to its customers a strong international focus and a global coverage counting on operating locations in Europe, North America and Japan.  

They offer their customers the tools to innovate and support their way of doing business. Their approach of pervasive or ubiquitous computing combines the miniaturization of smart devices, their spread in the real world - from buildings and equipment to wearables and the environment - and their connection and communication via network, Cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and collaborative robotics are creating new opportunities for innovation, especially in edge computing. Increasingly, embedded computers will be in demand at the periphery, connected to the cloud, their connection guaranteed by IoT platform software.

Eurotech’s IoT platform for industrial IoT - the Everyware Cloud - boasts an open innovation development model, powering its adoption as de-facto standard. In addition, thanks to their know-how in HPC development, Eurotech is one of a handful of companies able to offer very compact High Performance Embedded Computers (HPECs).

Product Listing

  • 621125-25001
    Computer Cables Zypad BR2000 Starter Cable Set

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