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Eorex Corporation

Founded in 1998, Eorex Corporation is a professional fabless memory IC (integrated circuit) manufacturer. The company grew out of Arach Technology and Application Co., Ltd and is located near Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. The company has been engaging in electronic and optical quality products. In 2000, the company turned into semiconductor device design, manufacturing and marketing to provide more pround service for the clients. Through years of development, Eorex has a broad line of products which can be categorized into three series: DRAM, POWER and MCU. The DRAM products include Mobile SDRAM, Mobile DDR SDRAM, SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, DDR-II SDRAM and EOL while the power products includes Linear Regulator, Multi-Channel Power Supply, Buck Regulator and Boost Regulator. The power management ICs are designed for the portable electronic consumer applications. Eorex is dedicated to delivering its clients comprehensive and competitive semiconductor chips and electro-optics system solutions.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)