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ELMOS Semiconductor AG

ELMOS Semiconductor AG is developer and producer of semiconductor based system solutions.Its recipe for success is based on three pillars: own CMOS technology, own Chip design and own production. Everything is concentrated under the same roof with and outstanding application know-how and shortest paths.It offers the right product to the customer and try hards to make products out of the need of customers, be it a chip tailored to his specific requirements, a standard product ready for use in a short amount of time, or a complete microsystem as a symbiosis of sensor, read-out electronics and special package. ELMOS makes promise for its quality of products to the customers and its policy for thee quality are finding sources of error at an early stage. Therefore, ELMOS can avoid defects before they have a chance to even develop and it will check many times before the products are given to the customers.Otherwise, ELMOS aims to a sustainable profitability and the provision of attractive profits for shareholders, so the basis are social, ecological and economic claims on an equal footing. ELMOS's production takes up 5,000 square meters' space at various locations, which are adjusted torequirements in the best possible way. And ELMOS's products are provided with smart functions and high quality because of the high techonology and smart chip design in the producing process.