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Dynex Semiconductor

Founded in 1956, Dynex Semiconductor Ltd is a leading supplier of high power semiconductor devices and power assemblies. The company is headquartered in Lincoln, England and has a 9000 m2 facility including the fully integrated silicon fabrication, assembly and test, sales, design and development operations. Through decades of development, the company has established a global distribution network with sales offices in Africa & Middle East, Asia/Pacific, Europe, North America, South America, etc. Dynex Semiconductor has a wide range of products which includes IGBT modules, FRD modules, i2 phase control SCRs, rectifier diodes, pulse power thyristors, GTO thyristors, fast recovery diodes, power assemblies, silicon-on-sapphire and SAW filters. The company is dedicated to providing products for electronic equipment manufacturers and maintenance providers in many fields such as electric power transmission and distribution, renewable and distributed power heavy industries such as steel and mining, factory automation, marine propulsion and on-board systems, railway propulsion and on-board systems, aircraft power electronic systems and space satellite applications. Dynex Semiconductor has a total quality management system which is designed to provide the customers with products and services of the highest standard. The company has passed the quality management systems standard ISO 9001:2008 and the environmental management systems standard ISO 14001:2004. Furthermore, the company is always implementing and continually improving the environmental management system. Dynex Semiconductor meets the European Union's RoHS rule.

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Integrated Circuits (ICs)

Discrete Semiconductors