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Digital Core Design

Digital Core Design (DCD) was established in 1999, which provides Intellectual Property (IP) Core and designs System-on-Chip (SoC). It is one of the leading and most successful IP companies,which has a brilliant history, for example: DCD has joined AMPP partners program in 2000; DCD has released a new version of high performance PIC 1655X Core in 2003, etc. The partners of DCD include semiconductor manufactures, industry affiliations and distributors. Customers are spread all around the world. DCD provides VHDL and Verilog high quality synthesizable IP cores, such as: microcontrollers, bus interfaces, arithmetic coprocessors and other arithmetic components. The products of DCD offer many solutions, for example: an industry-leading combination of high performance, low power, and small die size, easy system integration - to peripherals, coprocessors, and memories, easy customization for adaptability to a wide range of applications, etc. DCD tries to give its clients close service. Clients can get a silicon proven and complete IP solution (core and debug system) from only one designer and vendor; They can have the best performance, the lowest power consumption and the smallest die size in the IP market, They will also have professional service and technical support of experienced engineers. The outstanding service and solutions offered by DCD were appreciated by over 300 licenses sold to over 200 customers worldwide. DCD was successfully implemented in a wide spectrum of projects, ranging from medical care applications, by industrial control to military systems. It will have a bright feature with its handwork.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)