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Dialight Corp.

Dialight Corp.

Dialight is recognized as a world leader in visual indicator components, offering a wide selection of LED products. These include right-angle circuit board indicators incorporating the latest LED technology in both surface mount and through hole designs, sizes from 2 mm to 5 mm, and multiple LED arrays in a variety of configurations. Dialight also offers a wide range of top-view indicators, plus devices employing high-intensity LEDs.Dialight plc is one of the world's leading corporations in applied LED technology for industrial and commercial users. The corporation is located in UK with operating locations in the UK, USA, Germany and Mexico. Dialight plc is professional in producing retro-fit table LED lighting fixtures designed specifically for hazardous places, obstruction lighting, traffic and rail signalling as well as for more general industrial and outdoor situations. Bringing the value of solid state light to customers from a broad range of industries and markets is the mission of Dialight plc. It is essential to understand the Customer's particular demands from the standpoint of performance, reliability, safety, longevity and cost, in order to accomplish the mission. Dialight will not only devote to developing LED technology, but also working at in thermal management, optics engineering, electronics and electrical engineering, and mechanical packaging. The main products of Dialight plc include industrial or commercial solutions, infrastructure solutions, hazardous location solutions, led lighting components, transportation signals, obstruction signals, hazardous location signals and circuit board indicators, etc. The outstanding quality makes the products ideal in infrastructure, vehicle signals, obstruction signals, status indication application. Dialight plc's products has gained the ISO 9001 certification, what's more, it provides variety kinds of support service to complete the project. For example: in-house technical support, custom-design capabilities, value-added programs tailored to customer requirements, dedicated in-house order management teams, technology roadmaps and so on. These services help to fulfill its customer’s needs and ensure Dialight plc a bright future.

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