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Danam USA

Danam USA

Danam Systems spun off from Danam Communications (established in 1985) and has steadily grown.in the defense and aerospace telecommunication fields. Facing constantly changing business environment,they have been focusing on the core telecom technology backed by stable financial capabilities,.and thereby contributing to Korea’s strong defense systems and aerospace industry.They proudly believe there were all employees’ devoted mindset and inquisitive attitude behind this feat..

Danam will go on with its pivotal role in the defense and aerospace industry as a research driven company.


2015.HCTRS for TICN

2014.Data Link for UAV, PSU/Command Link for KSLV-II.
2013TLM for KMLRS, TLM, Beacon for KSLV-I.
2012.HUMS/TLM for UAV, Anti-Jamming.
2010.Awarded for Excellent Security Inspection.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)

Discrete Semiconductors