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Crystek Corporation

Crystek Corporation

Crystek Corporation? has established itself as a market leader by providing quality products and superior service. Crystek manufactures a diverse product line including several types of oscillators and chipsets.Crystek Corporation® (Fort Myers, FL) has begun to provide frequency products since 1958 which includes Quartz Crystals, Clock Oscillators, TCXOs, VCXOs, VCOs, otherwise,discrete oscillators are developed and assembled in-house with two new pick-and-place SMT machines which can place 0201 components, and reflow of the assemblies is done in a five-stage computerized oven. The facility of Crystek has eleven temperature chambers for both crystals and oscillators, along with three robotic stations that automatically test/tape/reel 5x7 mm oscillators.Besides, the facility includes six Agilent VCO phase noise analyzers and the latest Agilent phase noise test-set for crystal-based oscillators. Crystek is committed to perfect products and services.It has stringent quality control through all the processes, such as 100% final product validation in Fort Myers,continuous investments in product validation department, test methods and equipment utilize latest cutting edge technology, robotic automation, auto sorting equipment, environmental testing equipment, jitter testing, and many other testing technologies, accurate and efficient product validation.Meanwhile,it also offer excellent customer service which consists of highly trained sales staff, 4 hour turn on standard quotes, 24 hour turn on non standard quotes, Enter and Confirm Orders within 24 hours, Engineering (FAE) available for questions, ISO 9001:2000 certified. Its On-Site Production/Manufacturing ensures the convenience of doing bussiness which covers State-of-the-art production line located in Fort Myers, Florida, quick turn proto-types, quick turn production, custom product design, class 10,000 clean Room, Quick Turn Tape & Reeling in-house, Custom labeling and marking, Flexibility.

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Integrated Circuits (ICs)