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Coto Technology

Coto Technology
Coto Technology is a worldwide market leader of small signal switching products sold into the automatic test equipment, data acquisition, instrumentation, process control, telecommunications, medical and security markets. Coto's continued investment in technology development supports new product advancements that service the needs of Coto's reed relay division, as well as that of its reed switch customers.Coto Corporation, dba Coto Technology,originated in Providence, Rhode Island, USA in 1917 as Coto Coil Incorporated which was a company specializing in the design and manufacture of coil windings.During the mid-1960's,Coto introduced the reed relay with integrating reed switches into coil windings.Soon, Coto developed into a leading manufacturer of reed relays as the result of development of the first patented Low-Thermal EMF reed relay by 1970.In addition,Coto Technology's reed relay & reed switch manufacturing facilities are in Mexicali,Mexico.Coto produced the first ever surface mounted reed relays in 1983, the world's smallest SMD reed relay in 1994, and the first patented reed relay with >8 GHz performance in 2001.Coto is a market leader which produces small signal switching products that can be applied to the field of the Automatic Test Equipment, Data Acquisition, Instrumentation, Process Control, Telecommunications, Medical and Security markets. Coto has invested in additional manufacturing automation technology to renovate the relay manufacturing facility in Mexico in order to improve efficiency, enhance responsiveness and increase capacity.The manufacturing processes adopt ergonomic workstations,fully automated winding, wire termination, molding and laser marking to increase efficiency on the basis of ensuring high levels of quality. To get a more successful development in the future,Coto has invested substantially in its switch factory,besides,it has installed new automated equipment for blade forming, blade welding, electrical test and vision systems for inspection, which together improve productivity and enhance quality.It is working hard and makes more and more innovation constantly to strengthen its leading position in this field.

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