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Commutek Electronics

Commutek Electronics

At Commutek (CMT), they believe in the power of wireless: The freedom to access and share data, increase productivity and manage your life better. Through their high-performance, affordable Frequency Control Products, CMT helps telecommunications and other electronics manufacturers create innovative devices to achieve this vision. 
Based in Hong Kong, CMT has been designing, manufacturing and distributing quartz crystals for the wireless market since 1992. their staff of 500 skilled workers and engineers brings decades of experience to their designs for DECT, Bluetooth, FRS, WLAN, 2.4G and 5.8G data and voice applications. Thanks to their customized engineering capabilities and real-world expertise, they can deliver crystals with the precise technical parameters that you need to realize the full potential of your chipsets and circuits.
They also bring commitment and integrity to their relationships with their customers, who include many leading companies listed with the New York and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges. their ISO 9001-certified production plant in Beijing allows CMT to meet their demanding requirements with large, consistent quantities of their advanced products. To discover more about how Commutek can help you achieve top performance for your own wireless designs

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Integrated Circuits (ICs)