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Brilliance Semiconductor

BSI is a fabless semiconductor manufacturing company and a global supplier of ultra low power SRAM.It was founded in 1996 with headquartered in Taiwan's Silicon Valley, the Science-Based Industrial Park in Hsinchu. It focuses on low power consumption memory and SOC (system-on-a-chip) products and provides worldwide ultra low power SRAM solution that covers low density 256K SRAM through 16M SRAM as well as an aggressive roadmap strategy to develop product beyond this.The ultra low power SRAM of BSI has been used extensively in industry that covers cellular phone, PDA, GPS, handy game, bar code reader, battery-backup electronics, etc. And BST has already developped into a main player in this field. BSI is committed to integrating the environmental management system into the corporate structure and makingprocudts meet the standards which are related to environmental laws and regulations.BSI believe that the environmental protection is not only an important business operation,but also an essential for a company to be competitive.

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