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Arizona Microtek, Inc

Founded in 1986, Arizona Microtek is engaging in manufacturing high speed Integrated Circuits for the communication, frequency control, opto electronic, ATE and test instrumentation markets. The company is located in USA with sales reprensentatives and distributors all over the world such as Canada, United States, China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Gemany, Isrel which forms a strong and complete sales network. Arizona Microtek was dedicated to designing and manufacturing high speed mixed signal ASICs in the initial ten years. While still designing and manufacturing ASICs, Arizona Microtek is focusing on the high quality and high performance standard products now. Arizona Microtek provides customers with products that are fit and functional to select devices from ON Semiconductor and Micrel Semiconductor. Arizona Microtek manufactures standard products including parts in the AZM ECLinPS, ECLinPS LITE and ECLinPS PLUS product families. These parts are pin/function compatible and direct replacements for ON Semiconductor's ECLinPS, ECLinPS LITE and ECLinPS PLUS products. AZM also manufactures low voltage PECL to CMOS and CMOS to PECL translators. While the AZM translators are direct replacements for the ON Semiconductor ECLinPS LITE translators, they have an extended supply voltage range of 3.0 V to 5.5 V. Furthermore, AZM is always complying with all environmental and industry requirements and/or specific desires of the customers. AZM is one of the first suppliers of PoHS compliant and lead (Pb)-free ICs.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)