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Austin Semiconductor, Inc.

Founded in 1988, Austin Semiconductor, Inc. is a fabless manufacturer engaging in supplying high-quality, technology solutions to the high reliability marketplace. The company is headquartered in Texas, America. Austin Semi has received full QML certification and AS9100 quality certification. Through over twenty years of development, Austin Semi has got some achievements in the industry such as the first company to qualify JM-7000 die attach medium for use in military products, first fabless manufacturer to receive full QML certification, first and currently only full MIL-Temp 256 MEG SDRAM offering, first full MIL-Temp 64 MEG SDRAM offering and the fastest 4 MEG SDRAM offering at 8 ns MIL-Temp. Austin Semi has established long term cooperation relationship with ASC Group, Inc., North Penn Technology, Inc., Continental Connector Co., TS2 Micro Ltd., Mintech Semiconductors Ltd., Die Technology Ltd., Tru-Form Limited, etc. Austin Semi is dedicated to meeting the demands of the Military, Aerospace, Transportation, Industrial-Embedded and Medical Diagnostic markets. Austin Semiconductor fully supports the requirements of the high-reliability marketplace by providing state of the art semiconductor packaged solutions to these critical markets. The standard package offerings include Ceramic 400/600 mil DIP, SOJ, 2-sided LCC, 4-sided LCC, ZIP, Gull-Wing, QFP, PGA, Flat Pack, Formed Lead Flat Pack and Metal Can. Besides, with the rich experience and knowledge in package design and test for the Hi-Reliability community, Austin Semiconductor has developed two plastic product families: "COTS" (Commercial Off The Shelf) and "iPEM" (integrated Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuit) devices. Austin Semiconductor Solid State Disk (SSD) product family supports the Embedded/Industrial systems, Heavy Transportation, Ultra portables and Handhelds markets, which have requirements for harshness tolerant, integrated component solutions. What's more, Austin's product development team excels at defining and delivering product and/or packaging solutions from modifying standard products to designing full custom products. In addition, Austin Semiconductor provides expertise in DMS/EOL for identification, forecasting, problem assessment and resolution/implementation.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)