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Gamma Microelectronics Inc.

Founded in 2006, American Power Management Inc. (APM) got GAMMA MICROELECTRONICS by a group of professionals in the semiconductor industry. It has groups of professionals all around the world working on wafer technologies, integrated circuit design, assembly, testing, and marketing of semiconductor devices.With the mission to offer technical solutions for customers in the utmost professional manner, it is working hard to develop more and better products and service for the customers.In addition, American Power Management Inc. takes over all operations of GAMMA Microelectronics in the whole Asian territories and occupies broad markets even around the world. In the aspect of quality management, American Power Management Inc. (APM) also do a good job. American Power Management Inc. (APM) allying with world-class ISO certified integrated circuit fabrications to supply high quality prodcuts at low cost in large production volume, such as Bipolar, CMOS, BiCMOS, and MOSFET devices. One ofpartners has been delivering wafers in volume production for over 35 years. Otherwise, American Power Management Inc. (APM) provides vast capacity, fast delivery, high quality and reliability, the right package for every application. To achieve all of these excellent products and services, it builded up stick testing systems to control the high quality.For example, Wafer technologies include e-testing, and 100% testing of each die, with strict guard-bands on allparameters. Also, there will never has compromising assembly materials and techniques employed in the whole manufaturing process. American Power Management Inc. (APM) pays close attention to customers' needs, and do everything to help customers in business.APMpromise to serve you constantly in the best way.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)