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ABC Taiwan Electronics Corp.

ABC Taiwan Electronics Corp.

Founded in 1979, ABC concentrates on the research, development, and production of Inductors for the global market.

The company embraces a concept - “Stem of humanist”- which encourages every employee to take part in product innovation and production since ABC believe that employees are the company's most valuable asset in developing a world class company. 

ABC also believes in “only the paranoid survive, "a belief that in order to stay competitive in the high tech industry, ABC must stay competitive in order to fulfill the goal of ”ABC means satisfactory".


Inductive components
Inductors are passive components that convert to each other through electromagnetic interactions. They have the ability to suppress current changes and store magnetic energy. When a current flows through an inductor, a magnetic field is generated, and a change in the magnetic field induces a voltage in the opposite direction to the current. This suppression occurs. The characteristics of the current change are called inductors. The inductors can be applied to a Buck DC-DC converter, a Boost DC-DC converter, or a Common-Mode filter. ), Filter, Line Impedance Matching, EMI Electromagnetic Protection, and Noise Filtering.
       MPC heat sink
Heat sinks are mainly used in electronic systems or components such as CPU systems, electrical components, fuses, and temperature sensors. Their main function is to act as a heat sink, thermal insulation, and heat transfer medium for the components. By using ceramic materials that do not accumulate heat, micro-porous ceramic heat sinks with "low heat capacity" and "high heat dissipation" have been developed to effectively enhance the reliability of electronic components at the same time as the size of electronic products is refined and functions are integrated. Degree and service life.
     Stamping and Molding
Institutional components have been integrated into people's lives, including all kinds of electronic, electrical equipment, capital/communications terminals, ring beam rings, component brackets, bicycles, automobiles, all kinds of hardware, and other stamping parts. We design through precision molds. Developed for manufacturing and processing, the company will continue to develop high-strength steels and lightweight materials, as well as high-speed and low-temperature precision mold technology.

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