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Questions about the low power consumption and display of the microcontroller?

September 09, 2020 by Adi 1832

Now I want to make a small tool that is battery-powered and that detects temperature and humidity and displays it. I have only done DC power supply before, and I have not been too exposed to low power consumption, so I hope the expert will give pointers.

1. In terms of display, segment LCD seems to be the most energy-saving way, but almost all of them are customized on Taobao, and there are no ready-made modules or the like. Is there anything to say about selection or production? Look at the introduction that the segment LCD is powered by AC. Is it necessary to use a microcontroller to make a square wave to power it? In addition, it seems that it is also related to the duty cycle and the bias ratio. How do I distinguish it when I choose?

2. Which one is better by choosing msp430 series and STM32F103 series for MCU and then adopting standby mode? If MSP430 has not used 32, it is relatively familiar, but the standby mode has not been used. Also, if you look at the Internet, you must consider turning off peripherals and everything. It seems not so easy to do... Which of these two microcontrollers is more suitable for me? What about this situation?

Finally, in terms of low power consumption, is there anything that is generally easy to go wrong? I hope people with relevant experience can give some suggestions.

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Aaryn Posted on September 9, 2020

The power consumption of broken code LCD is low, and the drive must always change the voltage, otherwise it will burn out. It can be directly driven by pins, or it can be driven by a dedicated chip. Both of the single-chip microcomputers can have low power consumption and meet the requirements. 430 low power consumption has several modes, all of which can be interrupted and waked up. STM32 is used for shutdown and standby. Research it yourself. Peripheral devices should pay attention to leakage current.

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Devine Posted on September 9, 2020

STM32 is familiar with 32, using L052 series, with segment code LCD driver, or low power consumption chip.

Low-power products are still difficult, but as long as they enter the door, they are actually simple.

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Adama Posted on September 9, 2020

If you want to open the mold, small batches are unrealistic, and low-power LCD screens are still recommended. Then the 103 series can't reach the low power consumption of 430, and 32 is recommended. L series is recommended, L4


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