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How to design an effective ultra-low power sensor controller?

September 24, 2020 by Alonzo 1717

A key difference between electric meters and flow meters is the power supply. Electric meters almost always have a power supply, so power consumption is not the main concern. The flow meter rarely has a power source and therefore requires battery power. How to design an effective ultra-low power sensor controller to achieve relatively low battery-powered applications?

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Zoie Posted on September 24, 2020

1 In most flow meter applications, the main Arm-M4F application microcontroller (MCU) may only need to transmit measurement results two or three times a day. The main MCU can maintain standby mode between two transmissions, which significantly reduces the average current consumption of the system. Monitoring water or gas flow is always a must, so you can deploy an independent 16-bit MCU ultra-low-power coprocessor, which will perform low-power measurements when the main MCU is in standby.

The SimpleLink CC1312 and CC1352R/P device platforms and their ultra-low power sensor controllers enable you to obtain low power and manage applications, metering, and radio frequency (RF) communications, all of which are carried by a single chip.、

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Remy Posted on September 24, 2020

1 The SimpleLink sensor controller is a dedicated 16-bit central processing unit (CPU) core, which consumes only very low power in the active mode, standby mode and start-up energy consumption phase. As shown in Figure 2, the sensor controller includes analog and digital peripherals, which are optimized for ultra-low power.

The use of these peripherals and a 2MHz clock mode makes the controller very suitable for inductive measurement applications to achieve ultra-low power: for example, based on the principle of inductive measurement, it can reach an average current consumption as low as 3.9µA at 100Hz.


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