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Zhaoyi innovatively launched a nationwide production of 24nm SPI NAND Flash.

Published :10/15/2020 3:07:10 AM

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Zhaoyi Innovation today officially launched the 4Gb SPI NANDFlash product-GD5F4GM5 series at the 24nm process node nationwide. This series of products has achieved pure localization and autonomy in all links from design, R&D, manufacturing to packaging and testing, and has been successfully mass-produced, marking that domestic SLC NAND Flash products have officially entered the era of advanced 24nm process technology. This innovative technology product helps to further enrich Zhaoyi's innovative storage product line and provide customers with more optimized large-capacity code storage solutions.

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Nowadays, the functions of various electronic devices are becoming more and more complex, and embedded operating systems are required to be pre-installed in some emerging and even compact applications, and the demand for storage capacity is constantly increasing. The demand for highly reliable and large-capacity code storage has become a widespread demand in the industry. While SLCNAND is both cost-effective in the market, it can provide customers with greater capacity options. Based on this, Zhaoyi Innovations successfully launched 24nm SPI NANDFlash——GD5F4GM5 while ensuring high reliability, taking into account the improvement of capacity and performance, and better serving the field of code storage. It is committed to providing services for 5G, Internet of Things, Netcom, and security. , And consumer application scenarios including wearable devices to provide large-capacity, cost-effective solutions.

At present, the GD5F4GM5 series has been mass-produced, representing the highest level of mass production of domestic SPI NAND Flash technology. The product uses a serial SPI interface with fewer pins and a small package size. While integrating the memory array and controller, it also has an internal ECC error correction algorithm. The number of erasing and writing can reach 50,000 times, which improves reliability while improving Extend product life.

Compared with the previous generation NAND products, the GD5F4GM5 series has greatly improved the speed of reading and writing. The maximum clock frequency can reach 120MHz, the data throughput can reach 480Mbit/s, and the 1.8V/3.3V power supply voltage can be supported. It also provides WSON8, TFBGA24 and other packaging options.

GD5F4GM5 series product features

Compatible with 1.8V/3.3V supply voltage

Support 4KB Cache random read

Four-channel SPI interface, QuadIO data throughput up to 480Mbit/s

Built-in 8bit ECC error correction technology

Support standard WSON8, TFBGA24 package

Support industrial grade -40~85℃ temperature range