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Zhaoyi Innovation: The performance of MCU products in the first three quarters of 2020 exceeds that of the whole year of 2019.

Published :12/9/2020 2:30:59 AM

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Recently, when responding to investors on the interactive platform, he said that from the perspective of the first three quarters of 2020, the company's MCU products have grown rapidly, and by the third quarter it has exceeded the performance of the full year of 2019. Zhaoyi Innovation also said that the overall growth of the company's MCU business in 2020 will not only come from the needs of a certain industry, but also the demand in multiple industries, and it can be expected to continue to grow until 2021.

Recently, MCU price increases have become the focus of market attention. According to reports, the industry has reported that the five major Taiwanese MCU manufacturers, Holtek (Hetai), Lingtong, Songhan, Hongkang, and Nuvoton, have recently increased their product prices due to rising costs. Some items have been adjusted by more than 10%. The product delivery period is even extended to 10 months.


Some insiders pointed out that due to the strike at STMicroelectronics, there has been a gap between supply and demand in the market, and the current industry chain is very tight regardless of the foundry or packaging and testing end of the industry. At the same time, because foundry prices have risen by at least 10% and packaging and testing have also risen by 5-10%, the average cost has risen. In addition, orders are mostly seen in the first half of next year, and demand is much greater than supply, which caused the five major MCU companies to increase their products. The main reason for the price.