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Xilinx announced its first quarter financial report for the new fiscal year, and its data center business surged.

Published :8/4/2020 8:48:45 AM

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Among them, the share of revenue in North America and Europe has decreased, from 37% and 18% in the previous quarter to 26% and 13% in the quarter, while the Asia-Pacific region increased from 37% to 54% in one fell swoop. In the main business, the proportions of analog and digital, industrial, test and measurement simulation businesses did not change much, accounting for 45% in the first quarter, while the automotive, broadcasting and consumer sectors declined to a certain extent, accounting for 12%. The wireless connection business accounted for 32%, a 27% rebound from the previous quarter. The data center business is still growing, with a 10% growth from the previous quarter, with an annual growth rate of 104%.


In the conference call for the quarter’s earnings report, Xilinx’s CFO Brice Hill said that the growth of the data center business mainly depends on the SmartNIC smart network card solution, the cloud service provider’s AI computing deployment solution, and the strong revenue from the acquisition of Solarflare last year. contribution. Although the wired and wireless connection business increased compared to the previous quarter, it had a 33% decline compared with the same period last year, mainly because of Huawei's trade restrictions and the transition of ASIC-related products. The performance of the wired business is mainly the accelerated expansion of 5G-related core networks, while the wireless business benefits from the large-scale popularization of 5G in China. The stagnation of automobile factories, sports events, and media production has had a relatively large impact on the automobile market and the broadcast terminal market.

Xilinx has many product highlights this quarter. In June, it released the industry's first 20nm space-grade FPGA, which provides excellent radiation tolerance and ultra-high throughput and bandwidth performance, and is designed for satellite and space applications. Aiming at the continued growth of the data center and wired and wireless connection markets, Xilinx also released the new Virtex UltraScale+ VU57P FPGA this quarter for delay-sensitive work while meeting ultra-high data throughput and fast memory.


Xilinx also gave guidance for the second quarter of this fiscal year, in which revenue is expected to be in the range of 730 to 780 million US dollars, and gross profit margin is estimated to be 68.5% to 71.5%.