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TSMC will once again raise the quotation of foundry wafers. The price increase of US$400 is only temporary.

Published :3/29/2021 3:31:16 AM

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On March 29, Taiwan Economic Daily reported that TSMC will continue to increase its 12-inch foundry prices. At present, the highest price has risen by US$400, that is, the price of each wafer has been raised by RMB 2616.


Of course, the price increase is mainly aimed at 12-inch wafers. The price of 8-inch wafers has been adjusted before, so the price has not risen this time.

According to the report, TSMC plans to adjust its foundry prices from the second quarter on a quarterly increase, which means that there will be three rounds of adjustments in 12-inch wafer foundry prices before the end of this year. The highest cumulative increase in foundry prices for some customers has reached US$400 per wafer, making TSMC’s overall quotation set a new high.

But the $400 increase is only temporary. After at least three rounds of price increases in the future, TSMC's foundry prices will reach new heights. According to this front, the foundry price of 7nm 12-inch wafer of Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is 9213 US dollars, and 400 US dollars means that the price increase is nearly 5%.

TSMC currently has a 60% share of the global foundry market. Such price increases have also worried many manufacturers. However, currently TSMC has not responded to the price issue, only that the company is committed to providing customer value.

The rise in foundry prices also indicates that the supply of semiconductor raw materials this year will still be difficult. This is not good news for the downstream supply chain.