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TSMC helped Huawei stock a large number of 5G base station chips.

Published :10/26/2020 2:23:58 AM

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"Our chips can't be produced, so it's very difficult. Recently, we have been out of stock. Huawei mobile phones have no chips and no supply." With the release of Mate40, the fact that we are heartbroken makes people sigh.

However, there is news today that Huawei has successfully prepared 5G chips for more than one year, which also allowed TSMC to continue to grow its revenue in the third quarter. But it should be noted that the 5G chip here is not the Kirin 9000, but the user's chip in the 5G base station. The stock is about 2 million.

However, in fact, similar news said before that Huawei started to do semiconductor storage for its B2B business last year. Compared with Kirin chips used in smartphones, base station chips require a longer production cycle.


In addition, according to the latest news from the mobile phone chip master, MediaTek used its predecessor to ship nearly US$300 million in mobile phone chips to Huawei in September (self-developed, ODM). There are 4G and 5G. The average selling price is 22, which is equivalent to shipping 13 million mobile phone chips to Huawei, which is enough for Huawei to use for more than a month.

And last night, Huawei Mate40 turned out, Kirin 9000 as a swan song, with its super performance. It is understood that this is the world's first and only 5G SoC with a 5nm process, integrating 15.3 billion transistors, surpassing Apple's A14, and breaking the 15 billion mark for the first time. It is currently the 5G SoC with the most transistors and the most complete functions.