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TSMC and Samsung's 3nm process development progress has been delayed.

Published :1/4/2021 3:20:54 AM

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News on January 3, according to foreign media reports, the process technology of the two major chip foundries, TSMC and Samsung, has been upgraded to 5nm, and the more advanced 3nm is also progressing as planned. TSMC’s 3nm process chip production plant is even more impressive. It has been completed, and it is planned to start trial production this year and mass production in the second half of next year.


However, the latest news from the industry chain shows that both TSMC and Samsung have encountered challenges in the R&D of 3nm process technology, encountered different key technical bottlenecks, and the R&D progress had to be postponed.

TSMC CEO Wei Zhejia previously revealed the news on the earnings analyst conference call that their 3nm process will still use mature FinFET technology (FinFET). Samsung's 3nm process is different, and foreign media said they will use Surround Gate Transistor Technology (GAA).

It is still unclear how much the key bottlenecks encountered by TSMC and Samsung’s 3nm process development process will affect the development process, and whether it will affect the final mass production time is still unknown.

Regarding TSMC’s 3nm process, foreign media previously reported that they have prepared 4 waves of production capacity. Most of the first wave of production capacity will be reserved for many years of major customer Apple, and the next three waves of production capacity will be used by Qualcomm, Intel, Xilinx, and Nvidia. , AMD and other vendors.