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TSMC 3nm trial production delayed?

Published :6/1/2020 12:51:54 AM

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In response to the widening us blockade of huawei, TSMC told its equipment plant to postpone the 5nm expansion and 3nm trial production until the first quarter of next year, the economic daily news reported this morning, citing supply chain sources.

According to the report, sources from the TSMC supply chain said the company had urgently notified equipment vendors last week to halt all equipment that was supposed to be delivered between July and the end of the year.The report further pointed out that TSMC would not disclose the capacity allocation of individual customers;As for the trial production time of 3nm, it will be explained at the subsequent legal person presentation.

The news quickly caught the attention of the industry. However, TSMC quickly denied the news, saying that the manufacturing processes including 5nm and 3nm were on schedule and had not been delayed

Affected by the outbreak, the market was recently advanced manufacturing processes from TSMC will delay the schedule, could also therefore cut capital spending this year, however, TSMC said at the meeting, said even pneumonia outbreak create uncertainty, but efficient operation requirements, 5 g, bullish on the coming years will continue to advanced process layout, reiterated that capital spending amount unchanged this year, about 150 to 16 billion dollars.

According to TSMC's plan, 80% of its capital expenditure this year will be spent on advanced process technologies such as 3nm, 5nm and 7nm, the remaining 10% on advanced packaging and masks, and another 10% on special class process technologies.

It is reported that TSMC 3nm is the next generation node after 5nm. The official information shows that the transistor density of 3nm process has reached an unprecedented 250 million/mm, while the 5nm process is only 180 million/mm2. The performance of 3nm is 7% higher than that of 5nm, and the energy consumption ratio is 15% higher.

In terms of technology, TSMC has evaluated various options and concluded that the current FinFET process is better in cost and energy efficiency, so the 3nm first release will still be FinFET transistor technology.

There was also a rumor in the market that TSMC wafer 18's phase 5 and phase 6 would affect the 3nm process schedule due to the delay in the tender process. At that time, TSMC responded that the tender process and 3nm process were proceeding as planned.

Recently, under the extended blockade of huawei in the United States, it was reported that TSMC decided to postpone the expansion of 5nm and the trial production schedule of 3nm, which will be postponed by two quarters to the first quarter of next year.In response, TSMC said today that the 5nm and 3nm metric processes are on schedule and 3nm will enter trial production in 2021 and mass production in the second half of 2022.