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Toshiba launches second-generation process technology with new embedded NAND flash memory module

Published :6/18/2019 8:06:28 AM

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Tokyo has announced the launch of a new embedded NAND flash memory module (e•MMC) that integrates NAND chips fabricated using 19nm second-generation process technology. The module is also compliant with the latest e•MMCTM standards and is designed for a wide range of digital consumer products such as smartphones, tablets and digital camcorders. Mass production will begin at the end of November.


There is a growing demand for high-capacity NAND flash chips capable of supporting high-resolution video and providing more storage space. This need is particularly evident in the area of embedded memory that includes controller functions that minimize development requirements and make system integration design easier. Toshiba is meeting this need by strengthening its line of high-capacity memory products.


Toshiba's new 32GB e•MMC integrates four 64Gbit (equivalent to 8GB) NAND chips (made with Toshiba's 19nm second-generation cutting-edge technology) and a dedicated controller in a small 11.5 x 13 x 1.0mm package. . It complies with JEDEC's JEDECC e•MMCTM version 5.0 standard released in September and achieves high read and write performance through the adoption of the new HS400 high-speed interface standard.


Toshiba will use these NAND chips in e•MMCs with capacities ranging from 4GB to 128GB. All e•MMCs will integrate a single controller to manage the basic control functions of NAND applications. After 16GB and 32GB products, Toshiba will launch 4GB, 8GB, 64GB and 128GB products in turn.


The main function


♦ JEDEC e•MMCTM version 5.0 compliant interface handles basic functions including bad block management, ECC and driver software. It simplifies system development, minimizes developer development costs, and speeds time-to-market for new and upgraded products.

♦ 128GB e•MMC products can record up to 2,222 hours of music, 16.6 hours of full HD video and 38.4 hours of standard definition video at 128Kbps bit rate.

♦ The new product uses NAND flash chips fabricated using 19nm second-generation cutting-edge process technology.

♦ The new product is available in a small 11.5 x 13mm FBGA package and has a signal (pin) layout that complies with JEDEC e•MMCTM version 5.0 standards.